Welcome to the Priori Media Group LTD.

We produce news, articles, radio shows, podcasts and images.

Founded in 2015 by some university students in Sheffield, The Priori was an online magazine dedicated to given greater depth to news stories. It then moved into food, books and theatre reviews, before closing in December 2017.

The Priori Podcast lasted one series from June 2016 – December 2016. The 16 episode-strong series featured interviews, chats, comedy, news, stand-up, music and election coverage.

The Priori hosts was a music project which used The Priori to promote new music, musicians, DJs and music podcasts. Artists that have been hosted include Elderbury, OneDimensionalMan and Netsom Music.

The Priori Designs was a design project set up by two members of the Priori team, and added to their repertoire with the site, including the entire design of the magazine.

Thank you for you interest in Priori Media Group LTD.