Making America Great Again

diegoby Diego Angeles

Donald Trump´s victory was influenced by the unexpected resurgence of the working class Americans, once thought superseded by America´s urban, educated and cosmopolitan young citizens. According to information by the Pew Research Center, Trump´s electorate was composed mainly of middle aged (45-65) non-college educated white Americans, mostly male. These groups are settled in inner states of the US, many in the Mid-West region´s semi urban cities. While being a clear proof that inequality has deepened in the US, especially since the 2008 financial crisis, the appearance of the working class American reveal other two crises that are worth exploring.

Firstly, the country has been immersed in a political crisis for over a decade. The legislative branch operates in a constant impasse and the distance between the political establishment and the ordinary citizens is wide. The appearance of an unlikely candidate like Donald Trump is explained, partially, as the result of the people´s distrust in their professional politicians, such as Clinton. This resulting distrust is not only symptomatic of an exhausted and corrupted political system, but also of the malfunction of the country´s economy.

For instance, manufacturing and agriculture industries have been in serious decline for at least two decades, especially since the introduction of the North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA. Thousands of jobs in these sectors have drastically disappeared while incomes for working classes have fallen by more than 20 percent since the 1970s. Therein lies the relevance of holding a university education since they have become a mechanism to avoid these impoverished jobs. Not surprisingly, most of Trump´s supporters were those Americans who once depended upon these industries or who live in areas where the adverse effects of the post-industrial economy are more vivid.

The second crisis is the tension created by liberal politics and identity in the US. The American

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