Social Responsibility, Pluralism and Freedom

arturo-100x100by Arturo Mendoza

If you ask me about the biggest problem of contemporary society, I would possibly answer: inequality. The latter catches a wide range of important matters such as race, religion, gender and income. Nowadays, divisive rhetoric and bigotry have nurtured intolerance and widened our misunderstanding of different cultures, preferences, and conditions. San Bernardino, Paris, Orlando, Aleppo and Mosul are just the tip of social dysfunction, which I’m afraid is severe and needs to be properly addressed.

Discrimination, hate, and exclusion are definitely the challenges of the 21st Century. This is the reason why many of the articles that have been published in The Priori discussed these matters. Will humanity embrace plurality and learn from its diversity or should we continue fighting and hating each other?

One year ago, Kestell Duxbury, Founder and Editor of the magazine, approached me, among other fellow classmates that we both met at The University of Sheffield, and shared his vision of an open space for all kind of ideas and beliefs. Even when most of us share an interest in politics and international relations, we were aware since the beginning that ideas transcend social sciences, and young professionals from other disciplines, universities and fields were welcomed.

It took me a short time to understand that The Priori doesn’t pursue merely academic purposes. Freedom of speech became the perfect mean for people that were born, raised and educated in different places, within different customs and traditions, to share their vision of the world and its affairs.

Through well-thought articles and podcasts, The Priori questions preconceived ideas and stereotypes on climate change, Islam, Brexit, terrorism, just to mention a few topics. Reading the online magazine means living reality through in situ experiences, anecdotes, and lenses.

Even if I’m compelled to invite our readers and friends to study abroad once in their lifetime in order to learn from diversity, I’m also aware that this isn’t always possible. Low wages, unemployment, high tuition fees, and many other circumstances could prevent this from happening. The Priori family knows this best. This is why, every month, our team works on exclusive material to portray an image of reality. There’s no need to take a plane in order to understand what someone could be thinking in London, Ankara, Madrid, Mexico City or any other destination.

Writing for The Priori doesn’t come with a monetary compensation, however, its mission goes higher. Contributors, who had the privilege to study abroad or to work shoulder to shoulder with people from different places, know that social retribution is the most suitable way to join the necessary and permanent campaign against inequality, intolerance, discrimination and injustice across the world.

On the first anniversary of the magazine, I would like to thank the Editor for having invited me to join this fantastic project and to congratulate him for his entrepreneurship and resilience. Also, congratulations to all fellow contributors for the time they spend, out of their daily routines and jobs, to make The Priori’s monthly issue possible. And, most important, thank you to our readers. Thank you for your support! Cheers to more years of pluralism, social responsibility, and freedom!

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