Editorial: November 2016

image by Walter Siegmund , via Commons (licence CC 2.5)

author-100x100by The EditorKestell Duxbury

Another month, another issue, but how much changes in a month. It turns out Donald Trump is a serial groper, Tony Blair sticks his head back into the British political sphere and Thai politics is set to change for an entire generation.

In regards to the image for this month’s editorial, I understand that it may cause some confusion. After all, for the one-year anniversary editorial, I featured an image of the fantastic chef Ainsley Harriot. This month’s Priori is the first anniversary of The Priori in this form, and so much has changed.

The reason for the picture of this particular oil refinery in Washington, USA is because this month I have been promoted to online editor for the technical publications for Alain Charles Publishing. Our most prominent titles are African Technical Review and Oil Review Middle East, hence the image of the non-Middle Eastern oil refinery.

The Priori is the ninth online publication that I edit now. Therefore, that takes up a lot of time, doing something that I spend 40 hours a week doing anyway. However, the one thing that I do for The Priori that I don’t do at Alain Charles Publishing is the podcast. The Priori Podcast has been a really great way to meet new people in London and chat to really interesting people. We have created a page dedicated to the podcasts so now, you should be able to access every podcast in one easy hit.

Also, this month will see a new US president elected. Therefore, from the 9th November, we shall be uploading some special analysis on the US elections, so join us then.

Anyway, enjoy November 2016 issue of The Priori!

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