Editorial: September 2016

author-100x100by the EditorKestell Duxbury

Image by ChrisO – WikiMedia Commons

So, August has been eventful! I have been, as an editor, extremely busy for a number of reasons. If you have tuned into The Priori Podcast, you would know that I am starting a new job, working for a publishers in London. I must thank all The Priori viewers for their support as The Priori helped me secure an interview in the first place, so thank you for that!

Secondly, I have had to move for work, which has meant cutting some home ties, such as my role as Secretary for the Labour Party in North East Bedfordshire. That has giving my free license to be scathing of the Labour Leadership contest. If you tune into Episode 8 of The Priori Podcast titled ‘#Traingate’ then you can hear my thoughts.

Third, we are looking to register The Priori as a business soon as start paying our brilliant contributors! I am still not prepared to follow The Canary’s business model. There is an excellent article by Buzzfeed (I know, but bear with me). They investigate the nature of their clickbate business model and how their ’employees’ have to edit another piece before their own can go live. This is not the model that we want to follow. The reason that we refer to our writers as contributors is because they are not employees. Everyone works hard to make The Priori different and interesting. I am not willing to change that.

If that sounds like something that you’d like to be involved with, then email us at thepriori@outlook.com.

Enjoy this months issue!

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