The New Priori Logo

by Amy Lucas

Having known Kestell Duxbury for many years, and having been close friends throughout our teenage years, it is a real privilege to finally reveal the new artwork for The Priori! I am incredibly proud to be included in such a wonderful endeavour, and it is a pleasure to be placed among the writing and works of such intelligent and interesting people. 

Kez asked only for a logo, with no direction as to what he would like, giving me full reign to work on my own ideas entirely. In terms of the process of developing this artwork, I knew from the beginning that I wanted something of nature to represent the writings. The idea of ‘Priori’, is a philosophical term to describe a way of obtaining information. The content of the articles are often ideas and opinions, and I needed to create something that would represent every aspect of this collection of ideas.

As with most of my commissioned works, I spent a few days collating information and ideas, looking for references and finding meanings. This case was no different, and I spent almost two weeks collecting pictures and meaning of various flowers and plants to try and gather some idea as to what would work best. 

I looked at a number of flowers, but nothing had a clear succinct meaning which I felt represented the idea of The Priori…

f8915d_2c637bc4bd6f451f88c24814a07aa2c9It wasn’t until I began to start putting together some colour swatches and thumb nail ideas that something began to come together. I finally decided that I wasn’t going to look for specifics, and focus on creating something colourful, clear and simple to hand over to The Priori. And so what you see here is the final outcome, a smooth, clean and delicate spruce, with contrasting layers and colours. I was also adement, that in this digital world, I wanted to create something with a natural, organic medium rather than digitising this and loosing that natural un-perfect feel.

The final piece, like most of my artistic projects didn’t really go according to plan. I changed the layout, the colours and the shapes, but I feel it has become something natural and organic whilst maintaining my own style.

This piece did not take too long, only two and half hours in total, using only Copic markers. (For those looking to branch out in their artistic mediums, I cannot recommend Copics enough!)

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